Ralf the Churl

The wily and prancing Jester, to him all things in life are but a joke


Tall and Lanky with an unsettling tone of voice, his face clad in a mask. The Jester is an odd fellow to say the least. Wearing a costume of vibrant colours and jingling bells, he is a comedic sight.

Height: 5’8’’

Weight: 130 lbs


Rondal Dagger:
Ding-dangler (light mace):
Throwing Daggers:
Jester’s Costume (Light Gambeson)


Born a whelp outside of Dijon, Ralf had a knack for humour from an early age. Since his youth he has been tumbling and jesting, fluting and lute stringing. Playing at taverns and brothels, festivals and even a Lord’s castle, Ralf’s talents have taken him far and wide.
Upon such travels and journeys a man learns many words and phrases, greetings and insults.

With his loose knowledge of most European languages, Ralf has always found the opportunity for coin, and for danger. Having had a fair share of run-ins with uncultured fellows, he has learned how to defend himself from physical danger in it’s minimal forms with a degree of proficiency in improvised melee weapons. His jingling and jangling ding-dangler has come in quite handy for running off the odd ne’er-do-well; and who doesn’t know how to use a dagger, ’tis a simple point and thrust, no?

However, with the darkness looming over Europe, even finding it’s way to his home in Dijon and Burgundy, Ralf the Churl has had to take his meek and simple self, with his ample and abundant talents, elsewhere to make a living. Perhaps in the land of the Romans, where God still fights his enemies of true import with harrowing vigour.

Ralf the Churl

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